Welcome to Monster Sciences!  Everything you find here was written for teachers by a teacher who understands the challenges of teaching in today's classroom.  All the experiments are printable, designed to be effective, fun, hands on and are FULLY EXPLAINED in complete Teacher's Notes.  They use simple, every day items that can easily be brought from home - no fancy expensive equipment required!

What teachers say...

"I was nervous about teaching science because I thought I didn't know enough to be able to answer my students' questions.  Monster Sciences is fantastic because the experiments are explained and easy to do.  I feel confident teaching them and my class love them!"  Nikki, 4th grade teacher.

About Us

The Monsters at Monster Sciences are here to introduce the topics to your students in a fun, friendly way that is engaging and non-threatening.  They are wondering about our world and what makes it tick and it's this curiosity that inspires them to ask questions that will guide your students' investigations.  Give the experiments from Monster Sciences a go with your class and watch as the understanding they gain lights up their faces.

Science Experiment Videos

video Want to see how our science experiments are done? Watch kids demonstrate them here and see how easy, fun and effective they are!!

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